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Goshen Personal Injury Attorneys

Serving Orange County

With over 40 years of combined experience serving the people of Orange County who have been injured in an accident, the Goshen personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC have the skills and knowledge to assist you when you have been harmed by the negligence of another. Call our Goshen law office if you have been hurt in any of the following:

Our Goshen PI Lawyers Stand Up to the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

If you have been injured by the negligence of another, it is right to assume that the negligent party should be responsible to pay for your damages. Insurance companies make it seem easy by offering a quick cash settlement before you get a lawyer, but the amount they offer is only a fraction of what you need and what your claim is actually worth. Getting adequate compensation for your injury requires you to file and prove a claim, either to the insurance company or in court.

Proving that you were seriously injured, and that the other party caused the accident and your injuries, is never a simple matter, and the insurance company lawyers will fight you at every step. For instance, they will claim that your injuries are not as serious as you say they are, or that they were caused by some preexisting condition or in some other accident. If you cannot prove that your injury meets the definition of a serious injury under New York no-fault insurance law, you are limited to only receiving Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and cannot sue the negligent driver. Insurance companies will nearly always try to get the case dismissed before a jury trial can be held by claiming you do not meet the serious injury threshold. It takes skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys to defend against insurance company attacks while continuing to prepare and present your case in Orange County court if necessary.

Another insurance company tactic is to claim that your own negligence caused the accident or contributed to your injuries. Any amount of fault they can shift onto your shoulders reduces the amount of compensation you’ll be able to recover. Our experienced Goshen personal injury attorneys won’t fall for insurance company tricks and tactics. We invest the time to build a strong case that proves the other party’s fault, and we won’t let you get blamed for causing an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Our Goshen Personal Injury Attorneys are Here for You when You Need us

If you or a loved one have been harmed in a car accident in Orange County, bus accident, slip and fall or other accident caused by the negligence of another, call the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC at 845-675-3243 for a free consultation with a compassionate, experienced and successful Goshen personal injury attorney.

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