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Goshen Bankruptcy Lawyers Helping You Find Real Debt Relief

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Things are tough all over, and Goshen is no exception. You may have thought you were living within your means, but your credit card balances got out of hand before you knew it. Perhaps you had a steady job and even put money aside for the future, but then you were laid off or terminated, or afflicted with an extended illness, and suddenly that rainy day came and took away all your savings. If you have fallen behind on your bills and can’t catch up, bankruptcy may be the answer to help you climb out of debt and make a fresh start. Call 845-675-3243 to speak with the Goshen bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience, and together we help individuals like yourself throughout Orange County find true debt relief with the help of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Make a Fresh Start in Goshen with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In the Village of Goshen, where the median household income is $45,417 and declining, it is not uncommon for residents to have to charge daily necessities to their credit cards just to get by. This seems to work out as long as you make at least the minimum payment, but then the balance keeps growing until it seems impossible to ever pay off. To make matters worse, miss one payment, and that low-interest card you got just shot up to 24% APR or more, with late fees to boot. It’s no wonder that almost every Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in Orange County includes a large amount of credit card debt.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate all of your credit card debt, along with other unsecured debt such as medical bills, utility bills, back rent, personal loans, court judgments and more. With the help of our Goshen bankruptcy lawyers, you can file a no-asset bankruptcy that lets you keep your property by receiving a discharge of most or all of your unsecured debt, giving you the means to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start with your finances.

If you are in line with the average Goshen household, your median income is below the New York state median by several thousand dollars, meaning you already qualify for Chapter 7 without having to be means-tested. Call our Goshen office today to get going on your fresh start.

Save Your Home from Foreclosure with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Goshen

For many Goshen homeowners facing money problems, their primary fear is that they will lose their home to foreclosure. Bankruptcy offers several options for struggling homeowners, and many of these solutions can be found in a Chapter 13 filing. For instance, you can comfortably catch up on missed payments by rolling them into your Chapter 13 payment plan, curing any default and bringing you current on your mortgage. Also, if you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth on the market, your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney may be able to cram down your mortgage balance until is more closely aligned with market value, or even completely strip away a second mortgage that is not secured by the value of the home.

Of course, whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the automatic stay provision puts an immediate hold on any attempts to foreclose on your property, even if you have already been served with a notice of default or foreclosure notice. Foreclosures move fast, but the automatic stay puts on the brakes and gives you the breathing room you need to step back and formulate the best plan to keep your home and get out of debt.

Call the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC to Speak with Knowledgeable & Experienced Goshen Bankruptcy Attorneys

A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may be the solution to your distressful financial circumstances. Find out by calling the Goshen bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC to discuss your situation, 845-675-3243.

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