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Women More Likely to Suffer Concussion after Blow to Head, Study Finds

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Over the years, most research on the effects of brain trauma suffered in sports-related injuries has been done on men’s brains, due to the simple fact that men are injured more often in these types of accidents. In more recent research, scientists have begun to find differences in how women and men incur and heal from traumatic brain injuries. The latest in this line of research has revealed that physical differences between the brains of men and women make women more likely to suffer a concussion after experiencing a blow to the head. Read on to learn more about new research on women and concussions, and contact a knowledgeable New York accident lawyer if you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury.

Cell structure damaged by traumatic brain injury

The brain is composed of a network of neurons, connected to one another by long, skinny branches called axons. These axons carry chemical messages between the brain’s cells, shuttling chemical molecules from one cell to another through so-called “microtubules” that run along the sides of the axon. Concussions, the mildest form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), are the result of the brain experiencing direct or indirect force. During a concussion, the sudden force imposed on the brain causes the axons to stretch. While the axons themselves don’t typically break, the microtubules can. When this happens, the chemical messages being carried by the microtubules are dumped into the brain, which can damage cells. In fact, the cause of concussion symptoms like loss of consciousness and behavioral changes is believed to be this damage to the microtubules.

Thinner axons results in greater likelihood of injury

In the recently-released study, researchers at the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair looked at the difference between neurons in men and women, and whether any differences had an effect on the likelihood of a brain injury. The scientists found that women’s axons were more likely to be longer and leaner, surrounded by fewer microtubules than men’s cells. This meant that, when cells in male and female brains experienced equivalent amounts of force, the microtubules in female brains were more likely to break, resulting in a concussion. This information could provide useful support for a claim for damages after an accident. If a woman is the victim of a concussion, this research shows that she may require a greater amount in damages to afford all necessary treatment and rehabilitation after an accident that causes head trauma.

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