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Poughkeepsie Bankruptcy Lawyers Helping You Get Back on Your Feet

Serving Throughout Dutchess County

If you are struggling to make ends meet and find yourself falling farther and farther behind in debt, don’t despair. Help is available. Our nation’s bankruptcy laws are in place to protect people from financial ruin and keep them from being thrown out on the street. With the protection and help bankruptcy offers, you can turn your life around and get back on top of your finances. Why spend another sleepless night worrying if the bill collectors are going to show up at your place of employment, or if the bank is going to come take your house away? The Poughkeepsie bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC can help you protect what’s yours while reducing or eliminating most or all of your outstanding debt. Call our Poughkeepsie office today to get back on your feet and back in charge of your life.

What a Poughkeepsie Bankruptcy Filing can do for You

Consumers who file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy see immediate relief from creditor harassment and debt collection. At the end of the proceeding, petitioners find themselves free of debt or with a much lighter debt load and with a tremendous weight lifted from their shoulders. Our Poughkeepsie bankruptcy lawyers help you achieve a successful bankruptcy discharge of debt, whether you choose a Chapter 7 no-asset bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 wage earner’s plan. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will help you keep your most important assets, including your house and car, while putting the burdens of overwhelming debt behind you.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit Now

Some people hold off filing for bankruptcy because they are afraid of the effect it will have on their credit. The fact is that filing for bankruptcy is actually the first step in improving your credit. If you are falling behind on your bills, you are only going to sink further and further into debt, while your credit score goes lower and lower. Bankruptcy will stop that bleeding and help you start getting better, by reducing or altogether eliminating that burdensome debt. Research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in 2014 showed that the average Chapter 7 filer had a credit score of 538.2 when they filed their petition, but their score had already climbed to 620.3 by the time their case was finalized. Eliminating debt improves your debt-to-income ratio and can make you more attractive to lenders than someone who is so saddled with so much debt that they cannot meet their current obligations, let alone take on more credit and debt.

Bankruptcy’s Automatic Stay Provision

One of the most powerful and effective tools that bankruptcy has to offer is the automatic stay. When you file for bankruptcy, the court automatically implements a stay on any current or future debt collection activity. While your bankruptcy is pending, creditors are prohibited from attempting to collect any debts from you. This means they cannot put a lien on your bank account or personal property, they cannot garnish your wages, and they cannot try to repossess your car or foreclose on your house. If a wage garnishment is already in place, or if foreclosure proceedings are underway, the automatic stay will put a stop to them. Creditors cannot proceed with any collection activity without first going to court and getting the judge to grant them a relief from the stay. This applies to almost all debt collection activity, except for certain obligations such as child support payments.

Get Started Today Putting Your Debt Behind You

Don’t wait until the landlord or bank puts you out on the street, or until creditors put a lien on your property. Get started today putting your debt behind you by calling the Poughkeepsie bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of Taran M. Provost, PLLC at 845-675-3243. We are ready to listen, and we are ready to help.

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